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Much Uproar about the latest MTN “Mother In Love” Advert

Photo: Questionable Story Plot - Yes; Captivating & Soothing - Most Definately!

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Much Uproar about the latest MTN “Mother In Love” Advert

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The recent advert – meant to promote its message of “Your abilities are limitless! You can #DoMore with MTN Data.” has gathered some controversies among its expected age-range of audience.

It’s packed with all the stunning visual appeal you should expect from one of the biggest – telecommunications – brands in Nigeria. Soothing and Comforting with heads-up-displays on how it tells the story without the main characters been obtrusively audible. While having a siesta with friends at the park, a young man gets a notification that his mother will be visiting him. He shows his wife and they both get the chill on the drama that could possibly be.

She gets all the condiments and starts cooking. Apparently, she needed some help from some friends to cook the right dish to win the heart of her mother-in-law. Too many cooks spoil the booth – after taking heed of so many cooking tips from friends, she lost it all!

Trouble getting it right!

Trouble getting it right!

Alas! She decided to consult a better experienced subject expert – her own mum.

After a tele-conference session with her mum, she eventually made something much better than her previous attempt. And it all ends in smiles after all.

If you are familiar with the song “Don’t Worry” by the music icon – Bob Marley, then the beats of the advert is something you will totally fall in love with. While some genuinely appreciate the beautiful melody of the song …

It is utterly annoying to some what the lady has to go through – alone – to appease her mother-in-law.

It's all good at the end of the day!

It’s all good at the end of the day!

This doesn’t take anything away from the service it intends to offer. To be a part of this offer, Dial *131# today and enjoy limitless opportunities.

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