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Win Samsung S8 every week for the next 3 weeks in #DANOMOMENTS


Win Samsung S8 every week for the next 3 weeks in #DANOMOMENTS

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It’s such a good feeling to share goodness with your loved ones.3 Samsung Galaxy S8 up for grabs for the next 3 weeks 🙂 #DanoMoments is all about sharing goodness. Here’s how to participate & win;

Step 1: Buy a pack of Dano milk 360g and above for someone you love – they could be friend or family.

Step 2: Get your friend to take a picture while using Dano milk.

Step 3: Have them say a thank you by posting the picture on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using ‘#DanoMoments’ and make sure they mention your name/handle and also @DanoMilkNg

Buy a pack of Dano milk for as many loved ones as possible. Each week we’ll select a winner based on the person who shared a pack of Dano milk with the most people.

The more you buy and share with your friends, the more THANK YOUs you get and the higher your chances of winning.

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