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Canon just showed us how a thought-provoking ad should be done

The grandmasters of photography shared this brilliant ad and its all shades of awesomeness.

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Canon just showed us how a thought-provoking ad should be done

It’s unconventional, suspense-filled and holds its essence up till the very end. Overall, its one you’ll watch again

On a beautiful hill under a tree sit a couple on a bench enjoying sandwiches. The elderly man, pointing the camera at his wife, suddenly finds she’s become her younger self.

They happily continue to enjoy the day in each other’s company, with laughter and love, as if they were a true couple.

It’s nighttime, and the two are sleeping side-by-side in a bedroom decorated with myriad photos. At center lies a photo of the woman in her younger years. A long time ago the couple had sat on the exact same bench, enjoying sandwiches together.

Indeed, the young woman sleeping next to the elderly man was just a memory, a figment of his imagination conjured up from a photo he’d taken at that special place all those years ago.

The elderly man is now sleeping, a smile on his face, and next to him is no longer the younger woman but his wife, also sleeping in contented bliss.

The Film titled A picture of you. was done by Dentsu Inc. Tokyo, East Japan Marketing & Communications advertising agencies for Canon in Japan. It was released in Oct 2016.

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