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Meet the Cute 35cl Coke pet bottle that has gotten everyone talking

Cocacola 35cl Pet Bottle
Cute lil Pet Bottle

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Meet the Cute 35cl Coke pet bottle that has gotten everyone talking

The US Transport giant has also bumped up its digital campaign to curb its recent public stain

Most respected for creating edgy marketing strategies, the grandmaster of beverage in the world, Cocacola (Nigeria) has etched another milestone recently with its introduction of the 35cl pet bottle.

At the major retail stores and supermarkets, the 50cl sells for N150 – as such, it doesn’t come as a shock for the “new kid” on the block to have its price between N70 – N100. Guys who patronize exquisite time out and night life will however have to pay a little more than the average price.

As expected for products making its way into the market, discussions are bound to follow, sides are bound to be taken. While its natural for opinions to be aired, the 35cl pet bottle can be assumed to have settled nicely among brand loyalist.

The Good

…and the not so cool ones

…and the confused ones

This brings the number of Nigerian customers favorite beverage drink in portable plastic bottle available to 4; 35cl, 50cl, 60cl & 1.5 Litres.  One of its many remarkable success stories in winning market share beyond the imagination of customers and competitors is the Share a Coke campaign which still stands out till today.

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